El Paso Mobility Program

Welcome to El Paso Mobility Program


El Paso is growing at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, our roadway capacity is not. New economic development, the increase in military families and the city's continued growth as an international hub have contributed to our traffic congestion. And it's projected to get worse.

Expanding our existing road system to ease the crowding faces a major speed bump. It's called funding. The current taxes motorists pay at the pump barely keep up with maintenance for existing highways, let alone cover the cost of building new ones. We must solve today's traffic problems while planning ahead for future needs.

The good news is the El Paso Mobility Program merges smart solutions for improved road systems with a variety of options to pay for them. The implementation of this program not only reduces traffic congestion, but it also improves our road safety and air quality. And it does so while keeping the people of El Paso—and its economy—moving forward.

See a map of the Proposed Improvements.

Proposed Improvements include:

  • Spur 601
  • I-10/Americas Interchange Project
  • Northeast Parkway
  • I-10 Southern Corridor
  • Loop 375/Northern Corridor (under study)
  • Montana Avenue Corridor (under study)